Monday, July 11, 2011

I Discovered

First of all, let's just put it out there... I need to post more on my blog.  I've been knitting, and not posting, and not sharing is, well, just wrong. :)

In my defense, I found and have become hopelessly addicted.  I love this website.  I can keep track of my yarn stash, which now includes some pretty swanky stuff, pick out favorite patterns, keep in touch with my fellow knitters and find awesome patterns.  I can save patterns I love.  I can also keep track of what projects I'm working on, including what type of yarn I'm using and how I'm progressing. 

Ravelry has educated me on the many types of yarns and fibers out there.  Without, I would have never discovered the joys of Malabrigo yarns.  My current favorite is the Silky Merino.  If you haven't tried this yarn, you must.  It slide so nicely on my bamboo needles.  I'm making a scarf from it right now, and you can find the pattern on in my projects list. 

So, if you read my blog and you're on Ravelry, and you haven't friended me there yet, I'm chrise16.  If you're a knitter or crocheter and you're not on, get on it!!  :)

More posts soon!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Fingerless Gloves

My step-mom, Cathy, was talking about how freezing her office was.  Having already crocheted a pair of fingerless mitts for my husband, who works in a freezing office, too, I decided she needed a pair of fingerless mitts for herself.    I made these out of Noro Kureyon from this pattern:

These were really easy to make (good project if you've never used double-pointed needles) and worked up fairly quickly.  Many thanks to the author of the above blog.  Cathy loved them! 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Have Been Busy Knitting

If you follow me on Facebook, then you know that I've suddenly become a knitting fool.  Well, the fool part comes easy. The knitting, not so much, but I'm learning.  Thank God, I have a nice group of knitting friends to help! 

This sudden obsession for knitting has been fueled by our church group called Threads and Yarn.  We get together on Monday's to knit, talk, crochet, sew, and so whatever needle art projects we have.  We make afghans, hats, scarves, mittens and quilts for our Clothes Closet and Food Pantry ministries and to have them on-hand when someone needs it.  It's so much fun to get together with these ladies!!

Christmas was busy this year.  I was commissioned to make a hat and scarf for my friend's son.  I used Hometown USA (Lion Brand) in Ocean.  You can get the pattern at  It's the Brisbane Scarf  ( and, honestly, I can't remember how I made the hat.  I think it was just a simple k2, p2 rib on size 13 bamboo needles.  Sabrina loved it!  Here's how it turned out...

Then, my Aunt Sharon asked me to knit a pair of mittens.  I used this pattern ( and some yarn I had on hand.  I think there was some scrap Homespun yarn involved and a couple of skeins of some stuff I had on hand from Joann's.  I was very surprised and pleased at how easy and fast they are.  Took about 4 hours to make the pair!  

Next, I decided to take a trip to  This was a big mistake.  Big.  Huge.  I discovered a brand of yarn called Noro.  When I saw the gorgeous hats that knitters has made I HAD to have a skein.  Period.  I ended up finding it at The Old Village Yarn Shoppe in Plymouth (Lilley Rd and Ann Arbor Rd.).  I found the pattern on Ravelry and this is how turned out.  It's a little shorter than I planned, but its so pretty!

Finally, my husband, Gregg, noticed I'd been making something for everyone but him, so he asked me to make him a hat.  I used size 8 needles and Patons Black and Purple yarn.  Got the pattern somewhere on and here's how it turned out...

I'm currently working on an earflap hat made of Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande.  This stuff is the softest yarn I have ever worked with.  I love it!  Gregg actually found it at the yarn shop we went to over Christmas in Rochester, NY.  Knit A Round in Ann Arbor also carries it.  I'll post a picture as soon as it's complete, which I'm hoping will be in the next three days.  

As I knit for friends, family, and the church, I can't help but be thankful that God has blessed me with the skill to do this.  I am fortunate to have knitting friends who help me and a husband who supports me.  
Here's wishing you all a very Happy New Year!  

Now, bring on the yarn....  :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Knitting my Brains Out

This fall, my daughter decided she wanted a "Gir" hat.  Gir is a character from a cartoon on Nickelodeon called "Invader Zim".  He's darn cute, so I found a pattern and decided to start knitting.  Thank God for my friends who knit because I was pretty clueless.  That hat turned out horrible, and in fact, it was given to Matthew because he appreciated its "hand-made" quality, but what happened was I am in a knitting frenzy now.  I have made another hat, which took me all of two days, and I'm off to make more.

I made my Pom-Pom hat out of Loops & Threads (by Michaels) Charisma. It's a #5 bulky yarn.  This yarn is so soft and cozy!!  And it keeps my little head so warm.  Here's what I did:

On 16-inch size 13 circular needles, cast on 72. 

k2, p2 all the way 'round for about 2 inches;
Knit stockinette stitch for about 4 1/2 inches;
k8, DD, *k16 DD* three times, k8;
knit one round even.
k7, DD, *k14, DD* three times, k7;
knit one round even;
k6, DD, *k12, DD* three times, k6;
knit one round even;
k2tog all the way around every row until you have 10 left on the needles;
Bind off by threading the end of the yard that you just stopped knitting with onto a yard needle and putting it through all the loops on the needles. Pull tightly and weave in all ends.

Pom-pom is Optional. :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Holy Hannah - It was a Looooong Winter!

I can't believe it's been six months since I last posted.  Not a lot has happened, creatively, with me, but I'm fine with that.  I'm getting back into the swing of things, albeit very slowly.  Now that spring is coming, it's time to get my self in gear!  

I took a Copic class at Archiver's around Christmastime.  It really didn't teach me much more than I already knew, but was still good.  I need all the practice I can get.  It's my goal to become Copic Certified within the next year. 

In February, I went to the Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church Conference of Presidents.  I am the President of the Southeast Michigan Synodical Women's Organization.  I was honored to be asked to be on the planning committee and offered to help be in charge of, you guessed it, arts and crafts.  I designed a Salvation Bookmark for the ladies to make at the event.  Everyone had a great time in the craft room...lots of knitting and beading going on. 

I used Czech glass beads, metal daisy spacers, religious charms, and waxed linen from Hobby Lobby and the pink hearts came from Michaels.  If you're not a Christian, you can use any color beads and charm at the ends.  Here's the finished product:


Gregg is working so hard on his woodshop in the basement.  He took me to a workworking show last weekend and we got a decorative joinery system.  I actually got to try out using the router and made a really cute joint.  I want to start making boxes... beautiful boxes... for gifting and, perhaps, selling.  Gregg is such a doll... he's making me my own router table!  After the shop is straightened out, he has promised to help me with the craft room.  My husband is so good at organizing!  I can't wait to get it together so that, while he's in the shop, I can be working in the craft room stamping and crafting to my hearts content.    I'm looking forward to it!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Jewelry and Ornaments

Gregg and I participated a carnival at Concordia College in Ann Arbor. Proceeds went to the women's softball team.  The weather was gray and chilly and attendance was low, but we made some good contacts, and it was for the softball team, so I didn't feel it was a waste of money.  The kids had a ball, playing games, meeting new kids, and jumping on the "jumpy" things! 

I'm really enjoying the creative process.  Twisting metal into something beautiful can be very therapeutic!  Here is some of my work.
Earrings... earrings... earrings...

Gorgeous metallic glass ornaments...

Notice the beautiful tree that Gregg made to display them...

Gregg did a beautiful job on the ornament trees, and my friend Tina put together the earring displays.  I'll have bracelets available soon, too! And, of course, I wouldn't normally be wearing my Pampered Chef apron, but with Gregg promoting that business, I figured it would be worth it.  I need to get a nice apron with pockets and my logo on it so I'll look professional at shows.  I wonder if VistaPrint makes those??  :)

Enjoy the holiday craft season!  I know I am!

Creatively yours,

Monday, August 31, 2009

My Review

Awesome Folders

Creatively Christine Ypsilanti, MI 8/31/2009


5 5

Pros: Works in Cuttlebug

Best Uses: Dry embossing

I used my embossing folders to add texture to my cards and other papercrafts. They are wonderful. I love the designs that are offered.