Thursday, August 20, 2009

Copic Markers are my Friend!

I suck at coloring. No bones about it. I've always been bad at coloring, even when I was a kid. I can never decide which color to use and as far as blending goes... forgettaboutit! I also have this incessant need to stay within the lines and have everything be perfect, which goes completely against my stamping mantra "there are no mistakes, it's just art for heaven's sake!", and, God forbid, I the ink I used to stamp my image bleeds!

Gregg and I recently attended the Heirloom Productions Rubber Stamp Show ( in Novi, Michigan. I saw a lot of people using Copic Ciao markers. I'd heard a lot about them, but was afraid to try them out 1) because I suck at coloring and 2) they aren't exactly cheap. Also, having two other sets of markers that I don't really like all that much not being used on my shelf, I was afraid of shelling out money for another set of markers that I wouldn't like.

We found a nice pastel set at a pretty good price, but before I bought it, I stood and watched the nice lady (gosh, I wish I could remember her name... her website is showed me how these markers worked. She very patiently answered my questions and showed me a few cool tricks with the colorless blender. Grateful for the free lesson and unable to find a better deal on that set anywhere else at the show, Gregg and I decided maybe it was time to invest in these Copic Markers.

I like the Copics because they blend really easily, and the colorless blender is a God-send for fixing "mistakes". I also like the range of colors available (144 of them!), plus a whole lot more if you invest in the Copic Sketch line. My only criticism is that I had to go buy new black ink because the alcohol in the markers smears StazOn. Not a life-ender, but a small disappointment.

Here are some of the images I've colored so far. I can't wait to get them into cards! I used images from Winobella, Maisy Ketto and Cakey Watt. I think I now own more Bella's than any other brand of stamp, except Stampin' Up! because I used to be a SU! Demonstrator.

There are lots of websites out there that teach awesome Copic techniques, and YouTube is an fantabulous resource as well. Give them a try!

Have a creative day!!

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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of Copics! I got certified about 6 months ago. Love 'em! A word of advice: If you want to use designer paper with your colored images, choose the paper FIRST, before you start coloring. Otherwise you end up going crazy trying to find something to match what you colored. Ask me how I know...